About Us

We are a small team of Designers and Engineers working to bring the power of technology to assist people in breaking through their creative block. Our technology center is in Hyderabad while our Design and Business teams are distributed across India.
We understand that in the age of fast changing customer preferences, crafting design that is original and appealing is difficult. Design teams are often under the pump to deliver successful collections in a short period of time. Young and inexperienced designers face the brunt of this unrelenting pressure. Our objective is to serve as a digitized creative assistant to all the designers out there. Whether you are into Fashion or Interiors or Marketing, creating beautiful surface artwork designs should be a simple and enjoyable experience. We want facilitate design ideation and creation to be done at the speed of thought. If you have a vague notion of the design theme that you want to pursue, all you need is to give us a few words or a sample image describing it; we will start creating options for you to pick from. This can range from simple inputs like “An illustration of red rose in watercolor effect” to complex textures and patterns with various constraints on color, effects and trends.
In an industry where teams are fighting to create unique collections within a design trend, we understand the value in identifying exclusive inspirations. Every image that we generate in response to a user’s inputs will be unique and can become the user’s own, exclusive digital asset. Leveraging the recent advancements in language-guided visual-media generation algorithms, we are building interfaces for designers to automate the ideation and creation process for surface artwork. Through hundreds of design exercises that we have conducted internally over the last one year, we observe that the time to create a design collection is lowered by 90% and the effectiveness/appeal of the collection is at least twice as high compared to alternative methods. Our goal is continue building the capabilities that allow a designer to express themselves in the best possible way. We are here to be the fuel to your creative fire!
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